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living simply becomes simply living.


My values can be summarized in the ketek* above. I believe in simply living as much as I can.



Design should have a point and a reason for existence, but more than that, it should solve a problem. By taking time to understand what problem design hopes to solve, I can really appreciate and connect with the people the design is for.


My ideas about beauty were summarized perfectly in Chapter 45 of Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance. 

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Whatever idea you have, be passionate about it. I like working with passionate people and companies that are confident in their solutions and need me to translate that confidence to their target audience.

Ezim Osai

Osai, the Creator

Design is like falling in love and I love love.

Early Life

I was born in Delta State, Nigeria sometime in the 90s and traveled a lot growing up. I was exposed to a lot of different cultures at a young age and I remember drawing my first comic book* when I was 8. The comic was based on the Xmen game and was such an obvious rip-off haha.

I started writing sometime around then and the first story I wrote was about a Playstation 1 game called Tenchu Chronicles. I didn’t like how the game ended so I wrote my own ending.
hand drawn comic book cover on a hp laptop

Starting Design

I started designing because I was terrible at drawing and all my brothers are really good at it. Design was a way for me to ‘level the playing field.’

I started designing in my first year of University in Ibadan and after stumbling through the first couple of months, I met my first design mentor. After our initial class, I had all the tools I needed to be great. I designed off and on for the first year and got my first break in my second year, designing for the University of Ibadan Students’ Union.

Osai, the Creator

When I started Purple Dragon*, I realized that calling myself a designer might be a bit of short selling myself, I needed an all-encompassing term to describe what I do and I settled on creator.

Osai, the Creator is a multidisciplinary design brand. After enrolling for ‘s Human Centered Design course, I have come to understand that design is more than just visuals, or stories or ‘tangible’ things. My idea of design is problem-solving, and finding the right tools to solve that problem.


I’m on a journey of discovery, a journey of finding a way to make as many people in the world understand each other. I plan to visit as many places I can to understand culture, get new insights and world views but most of all, to experience life.

osai the creator 3d extrusion

Extrusion designed by Rebel Creative.

Rebel against mediocrity.

Rebel against that’s how we’ve always done it