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That I Work With

I like to work with interesting people, on interesting projects.

famsa 50th anniversary logo


The Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA) is a medical organization committed to increase collaborations between medical students all over Africa. In 2018, they are having their 50th and anniversary and 32nd General Assembly, a conference which will bring over 300 medical practitioners across the world together in Ibadan for 5 days. The event is endorsed by the World Health Organization and is supported by Access Bank and Red Media amongst others.

soupah foods logo

Soupah Foods

Soupah Limited is an innovative enterprise on the agricultural value chain that harnesses technology to develop, manufacture and distribute value added products to consumers all across Africa.

In Africa, being eco-friendly is difficult, bordering on impossible. Soupah is shrinking those borders, by using technology and eco-friendly practices, Soupah creates budget-friendly products that reduce food wastage, and also retains the nutritional qualities without the addition of preservatives.

Dream Theatre

I believe that if we create more conscious content that represents the world we want to see, then we can one day achieve that dream. Dream Theatre is a visual design and design thinking startup founded by myself and Seyi Owolabi to help train the next generation of designers, especially those in Nigeria. One day we hope to open a design university and teach design all the time.