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I drink to make other people more interesting.

Ernest Hemingway allegedly

Purple Dragon

Interesting drinks for interesting people

Purple Dragon is a recreational services company, at this time focused on signature cocktails and artisanal drinks. Purple Dragon (PD) was created to challenge the status quo of the hospitality industry in Nigeria; with a very limited range of drinks sold in most Nigerian bars and most of them beer or spirits that one can get anywhere else, as well as overpriced, badly made, very ‘conventional’ cocktails.

Purple Dragon was created to celebrate the spirit of creation, exploration, choice and freedom. Every Purple Dragon drink was either created from the bottom up with over 30 iterations in the case of the Jack and Jane Sparrow, or adapted from exisiting mixes and then made special as in the case of the El Bastardo and Bastard Martini. Our promise at PD is a cup of a specially made, thoughtful and unique cocktail. At PD, you don’t pay for packaging, you support a dream, a craft, a passion, a struggle and most of all, you support the desire to excel and reject mediocrity.

In case this is not immediately obvious to you, Purple Dragon is the name of my drinks brand which I differentiate from my person/


An abbreviated version

layered cocktail drinks in glasses

Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel was created by accident; it was a rainy night in Barika, Ibadan and we had just returned from the bar at 11pm. Due to our policy of freshness, Purple Dragon does not store fresh juices but squeezes/produces them when needed, thus that evening we had a little bit of leftovers from the bar and then we started building them in a wine goblet. When the Hibiscus Infusion was floated on top and we took the first sip, we knew we had found gold, thus, the Tower of Babel was created.

Vodka, Simple Syrup, Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Hibiscus Infusion, Limes and Cucumbers.

Difficulty: Medium 

Alcohol Content: Mild


Androgin is a sour, tart cocktail that is medium to high strength. The Androgin is a refreshing summer-ish drink meant to be enjoyed ice cold and served creatively in either DIY cups or fancy glasses, you pick!

Gin, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Sprite

Difficulty: Easy 

Alcohol Content: High

trapmaster beer cocktail served in tall glass


“Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear; Beer before liquor, never been sicker” 

The Trapmaster was made to be the ultimate party activator. This very strong, very intense bomb shot cocktail is so strong that people who have taken more than 3 at a stretch have reported blanking out the whole night, hence why it is nicknamed Edo Airways (it takes you from place to place without knowing how you got there.) This irresponsible cocktail is best enjoyed with friends (who aren’t drinking it) to ensure that you make it home in one piece.

Chocolate Vodka, Stout, Coca Cola

Difficulty: Very Easy 

Alcohol Content: Very High

Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie was one of the very first cocktails created at Purple Dragon. It is a mild, refreshing and fruity cocktail with a pleasant yellow/orange colour. Contrary to what most regulars would say, Pete Edochie was not so named because it makes you philosophical, but because of its colour.

Vodka, Coconut Liqueur, Orange Juice and Peach Juice

Difficulty: Easy 

Alcohol Content: Mild

cuba libre in a plastic cup with colourful twisted straw and cucumber wedge

El Bastardo (or Cuba Libre)

The Purple Dragon take on the popular Cuba Libre utilizes several types of rum in the drink when infused with muddled limes to create a unique taste that has made this one of Purple Dragon’s fan favourites.

Rums, Limes, Coca Cola

Difficulty: Very Easy 

Alcohol Content: High

purpledragon script logo

We have lots of more drinks in our arsenal and we wouldn’t want to give up all the goods. 

Wow, these drinks look really amazing and creative, can I book you for an event?