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A logo is the first point of contact most users will have with your brand. Invest in making a good first impression.

how I come up with logos, most times


The first thing I do is research about your company and brand, how far you've come and where you seem to be heading. I look at the industry and familiarize myself with the visual trends and look for parallels.


I think of what your business does and how it may or may not be evolving into a brand and then I come up with ideas that I believe can translate your business' values to your intended audience.


There's nothing quite like pen and paper. I'll draw designs and icons based on the ideas I am able to come up with and create a framework of possible elements.


I will digitally create viable concepts into visual solutions , not neglecting the choice of type and color elements.

Peer & User Feedback

Before presenting design concepts to you, I will put the designs through a peer-reviewed process simultaneously with a user review process. The outcome of both will inform my next set of design concepts.


(Yes this is not a word)
I will revise my designs based on the feedback and then create a PDF presentation which explains design concepts and choice of elements.


After agreement with the client, I will send relevant logo files and design elements and help support brand visuals for a length of time usually agreed upon by myself and the client.

When requesting a quote please give me as much background information about your business as well as links to social media, news articles etc where available.

Past Work.

Or things I’m not too embarrassed about to post.

Flat Black Favicon


The AIESEC Middle East and Africa Exchange and Leadership Development Seminar is a 5 day conference bringing together over 300 delegates from across the Middle East and Africa regions to discuss and collaborate on leadership, the SDGs and other topical issues.

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FAMSA General Assembly 2018

The Federation of African Medical Students Association FAMSA is celebrating their 50th anniversary and hosting the 32nd General Assembly, a conference bringing together various healthcare practitioners and pioneers.

be elegant crest

Be Elegant.

Be Elegant is a Nigerian premium lifestyle and fashion brand. Earlier this year I was called for a redesign of their already iconic brand.

Best Place 2 Start

BP2S is an annual business event that brings keynote speakers and panel discussants to collaborate and discuss with business owners and the general public about topics ranging from business to technology.

podlobe icon


Formerly My School Podcast, Podlobe is a podcasting service and platform meant to help businesses, individuals and students gain more powerful audio content to become better members of society.


Dream Theatre

Dream Theatre is one of my co-owned brands. We provide design education for aspiring designers and design enthusiasts through classes and public lectures.

purpledragon script logo

Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon is my artisanal cocktail bar where I experiment with drinks and create amazing, beautiful signature recipes

NewAsset 2

NTS Kano 2017

The AIESEC in Nigeria National Training Seminar is the first conference in the new AIESEC year bringing over 300 delegates including old and new members. In 2017, I has the opportunity to design the logo and identity for this conference.

questions about design logo

Questions About: Design

Questions About Design is a forum on instagram where designers and design enthusiasts can ask the general public questions about particular areas of the design firled giving them grief.

Osai these designs have blown my mind and I really want to work with you right now!