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A human centered approach to design.


I don't believe in shabby work no matter what I'm paid. My research begins with finding out why you think you want a website, what the website is supposed to do for you and/or your business, what your competition is doing and whether you really need a website (or another product entirely).


After research, I immerse myself in your brand, thinking about it subconsciously and generally ensuring that when I think of your industry, you're the first person/brand that comes to mind.


My background is graphic design and I can't help but use the design approach to websites. I create wireframes, sketches and mockups for the site to create a sense of direction. These sketches help create a sense of 'destination' for the web design.


Once the sketch is ready and I have a very clear vision of what your site is going to do, I will implement the project locally on my computer, Lanre, and later upload to your web host and domain.


Search Engine Optimization is something I take quite seriously. I will optimize your site and integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console to ensure your website is visible and easily accessible on the world wide web. I will also check your website for bugs and other unpleasantness before finally handing over the login details to you which will signify the end of the project.

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When requesting a quote please give me as much detail about the website you want to build. Links to similar websites will also be appreciated.

Past Work.


Moremartson is a premium legal outfitter who provides luxury legal outfits to practicing lawyers. By sourcing for materials abroad and using innovative homemade styles, Moremartson delivers premium, bespoke wears.

FAMSA General Assembly

The Federation of African Medical Students Association (FAMSA) is a medical organization committed to increase collaborations between medical students all over Africa. In 2018, they are having their 50th and anniversary and 32nd General Assembly, a conference which will bring over 300 medical practitioners across the world together in Ibadan for 5 days. The event is endorsed by the World Health Organization and is supported by Access Bank and Red Media amongst others.

The Nigerian Coalition for the International Criminal Court

The Nigerian Coalition for the International Criminal Court (NCICC) is a non-govermental organization which seeks to bring an end to impunity and war crimes all over the world but particularly in Nigeria. They do this through promoting the understanding and awareness of the Rome Statute of the ICC in Nigeria, by training stakeholders on the domestic application of the Statute.

Creativo el Matador

Creativo el Matador is an agro allied company that is involved in importation and exportation of Nigerian cash crops, logistics and haulage as well as a host of other agricultural services.

The Advertiser

The Advertiser is a platform that connects buyers to sellers through use of a weekly physical newspaper and website. By ensuring that the right buyers are connected to the right sellers, they create simple, useful experiences for both parties. 

Wole Adeyeye Foundation

Wole Adeyeye Foundation is an initiative by Wole Adeyeye to better the lives of youth and women in Nigeria through the use of agriculture, sports, entertainment and education amongst others.