More than anything, I want to design solutions that change the world positively.

Who I am, right now, at this moment.

I’m still finding myself, but so far, I know I love good, beautiful and functional design. I love music that makes me feel emotion. I love food that leaves me satisfied yet craving more. I love travelling, learning new languages and trying new things; I love brands that are breaking stereotypes and changing the world in positive ways.

What I do

I love new and exciting creative projects. I make websites; I collaborate with brands to work on their visual identity, including logos and posters, a bit of business consultancy and of course, image branding. I love to brand events and create experiences that leave people happy. I create and research user experience and can help with general content strategy for brands and individuals. I create beautiful and tasty cocktail drinks and love to share them with friends along with conversation and thoughts.


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layered cocktail drinks in glasses

Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel was created by accident; it was a rainy night in Barika, Ibadan and we had just returned from the bar at 11pm. Due to our policy of freshness, Purple Dragon does not store fresh juices but squeezes/produces them when needed…


Androgin is a sour, tart cocktail that is medium to high strength. The Androgin is a refreshing summer-ish drink meant to be enjoyed ice cold and served creatively in either DIY cups or fancy glasses, you pick!

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trapmaster beer cocktail served in tall glass


“Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear; Beer before liquor, never been sicker” 

The Trapmaster was made to be the ultimate party activator. This very strong, very intense bomb shot cocktail is so strong that people who have taken more than 3 at a stretch have reported blanking out the whole night….

I'm growing and I want to work with brands and individuals that will grow with me.
I don't have all the skills, or ideas, or knowledge, but I am learning and learning.

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