cocktails that actually taste nice.

with people you actually like

Every city I've been to in Nigeria (where drinking is publicly allowed) has beer as the major form of booze and occasionally palm wine. After a while you really get bored with those tastes and those feelings:
sit in a bar with a football match on screen, men drinking beer or palm wine around a table with the occasional female mixed in and the smell of cigarette smoke pervasive.

So I decided to make drinks I actually enjoy, using ingredients I can actually get or make without breaking the metaphorical bank; somewhere along the line I found people that loved the drinks as well. I found people that didn't think reading a novel in a bar was weird, or listening to really good original music, or discussing arts, sex, politics, philosophy & love. That's Purple Dragon, a celebration of the alternative.

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Logo Design, Graphic Design, Experience Branding, Product Packaging, Experimental Business


Ongoing since 2016


Photography by Seyi Owolabi

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